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Open banking is transforming financial services and data is the currency of the future. Open Futures offers ideas and services to help your people and business make the most of this

Be open to the new future in financial services

From January 2018 banks must open up their customers' data to third parties – so consumers and businesses will be able to share their data with whomever they choose.

With this kind of open access to data, understanding what unifies and appeals to us as humans offers opportunities to create richer, innovative new services that customers want and need. This is business reimagined. Now's the time to examine your business model and service offering to make it fit for the new future in financial services.

The competitive environment in which your bank operates is undergoing a massive transformation. Attention shareholders – your dividend is at serious risk
Louise Beaumont

Co-chair, techUK Open Bank Working Group


Dear bank shareholder

Are you investing in a high-cost utility?

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